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    • A message from your instructor, Sez

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    All about keeping livestock

    • What species?

    • Take a breath...

    • The birds and the bees...

    • Watching the finances

    • Stick to your strengths

    • Legal requirements

    • Organisation is key

    • What you'll need

    • Country chic

    • End of life

    • Test your knowledge

    • Next steps

    • Before you buy livestock course book

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    Bonus material

    • 5 Top Tips

    • Kate's kids - the best reason to keep livestock

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Sez the vet

Dr Sez is a lifestyle block vet, with a passion for caring for the backyard farm pet. Born and raised on a lifestyle block, she grew up around goats, sheep, chooks, horses and more, developing a passion for caring for and bettering the welfare of our farm animals from a young age. Dr Sez initially studied animal behaviour, further fuelling her passion, before returning to New Zealand to become a qualified vet. She now works with the many lifestyle blocks of the South Auckland region and runs the YouTube channel ‘Sez the Vet’, airing interesting and topical weekly episodes on the health of your farm animals.

Everything you need

  • Video lessons

    Join Sez the vet as she shares with you advice and tips about all aspects of keeping livestock in New Zealand.

  • Coursebook

    This course comes with a downloadable coursebook - no need to take notes!

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    We have helpful handouts, fun quizzes and some cool memes to share too!